Our Services

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Provided on the Gold Coast

At Betastyle Stainless, we have onsite expertise and manufacturing facilities, therefore we can build custom products to your requirements and expectation.

If you have a complete design, we will be pleased to build to your design to specification. If your concept is  not  yet designed, we can work with you to sketch the design and manufacture the products you require.

We specialise in manufacturing units in the following areas:

Hot & Cold Food displays are custom built according to your specification. Ideal for butchers, seafood, bakeries, delicatessens, self-serve buffets and restaurants. 

Commercial Kitchens and Bars, to streamline all the behind the scenes facilities and even to show off in personalised spaces such as penthouses.

Exhaust Canopies, to to meet your requirements in stainless steel or galvanised steel construction.

Coffee Vans, one of our tailor made areas of expertise, fitted to various models of vehicles. 

Customised Barbeque areas, are an essential part of the Australian lifestyle. We stylishly customise barbeque areas for public recreation areas, residential complexes and home patio areas.

General Jobbing Work, toolboxes, letterboxes, shelving units - if it should be built in stainless steel, chat to us - we can make it.

With our combination of over 40 years experience in sheetmetal fabrication, we are committed to deliver to our customers the products and services of highest standard and workmanship.

Stainless Steel has always been a popular contemporary choice in residential and commercial use due to the antibacterial, durable and easy to maintain nature of the material.

There are different grades of stainless steel that are suitable for different applications, we will be happy to work with you to choose the right stainless steel to suit your product needs.